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K  is a formulation containing frauteria aurentia, which mobilizes potash in the soil to the plant

Soil application:

(dosage 2000 ml per acre)

Mix  K  with 400 to 600 kgs of FYM. The mixture of  K  , FYM has to be kept under shade for over night and maintain 50% moisture. Use the mixture as soil application in rows or during leveling of soil.

Crops recommended;

Rice, cotton, onion, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, bhindhi, potato, sugarcane, sugarbeat, tobacco, sorghum, sunflower, sesamum, coffee, tea, and all types of flowering crops.


Orgamism: Frauteria aurentia


Physical state: liquid suspension

The color of the liquid is dull white

Keep  K bottle away from direct heat and sunlight.



N is a complete  N   fertilizer providing the essential nitrogen needed for growth of plants.

N helps in rapid induction of more roots to the plants.



P  can be soliloquize the phosphorous present in the soil and convert them into absorb able forms for plant.