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Bactogen imparts resistance against bacterial diseases like leaf blight, black arm, canker, angular leaf spot, seedling blight etc. in cotton, citrus, chilies, betel vine, vegetables, flowers, ginger, tomato, onion and fruits.


20 grams to be dissolved in 50 liters of water and sprayed.



Endogen helps plants fight against pest and diseases help and promotes animals and human beings . since it is a herbal extract.



Fightogen  is a unique combination of herbal extract. Fightogen provides healthy crops, helps to increase quality productivity and protect crops from various pests and diseases.



Qurogen provides to broad spectrum of viral strains. Stimulate the inhibition of all main stages in virus infection. The unique formula effectively manages leaf curl virus, yellow mosaic virus etc. on chillies, okra, tomato, papaya, cucurbits, cotton, species etc.



Disease vaccine created by Safogen herbal juice. Preventing disease and pest attack
It increases the growth of crops and increases the yield. Increases root and stem growth



SPOT OUT is a combination of organic alkaloids, herbal plant extract combination of bio boron, bio zinc, bio copper, bio management and bio ferrous which is effective control all in one against pest like red palm weevil, black headed caterpillar, slug caterpillar, mealy bug, and eriophyid mites  disease like tanjore wilt, stem bleeding, button shedding and pencil top disease.



Protects crops from various worms and pests. And the crop is used to thrive and grow well.