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Bravogen is a bio pesticide containing the white muscardine saprophytic fungus viz., beauveria bassiana or beauveria brongniartii widely used for control of crop insects such as thrips, whiteflies, aphids, caterpillars, weevils, grasshoppers, ants, Colorado potato beetle ..etc



Mode of action

When the Metagen spores of the fungus come into contact with the body of an insect host, they germinate, killing the insect within a matter of day afterwards, a white mold emerges from the cadaver and produces new spores. penetrate the cuticle and grow inside, after wards a white.

Recommended crops like:

Grapes, guava, sapota, citrus, mango, pomegranate, custard apple, coconut etc

Field crops:

Cotton, paddy, sorghum, sunflower, groundnut, potato, mustard, cumin, etc.

Vegetable crops:

Tomato, chilly, brinjal, onion, bhendi etc

Plantation crops:

Cardamom, tea, coffee, floriculture, home gardening, medical plants etc

,  grapes, betel vine, coffee, tea, vegetables and horticultural  crops.



vertogen is known as a white – halo fungus because of the white mycelial growth on the edges of infected scale insects

Target pest:  Aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, whitefly, scale insects, mites