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N is a complete fertilizer providing the essential nitrogenneeded for good growth plants. N helps in rapid induction of more roots to the plants. P can be solubilize the phosphorous present in the soil and convert them into absorbable forms for plant. K is a formulation containing Frauteria aurentia, which mobilizes potash in the soil … Continue reading KRIOLEX



Larotrix is organic products that helps the plant growth by suppressing insect like larvas, caterpillars & bollworms etc.
Larotrix is eco friendly products.
Compatible with common used pesticides fungicides etc.
Larotrix is suitable for all field and horticultural crops.
Dosage: 5 – 10 gms per 10 liters of water



Mastrogen is a research based product containing 20 % nitrobenzene V/V with naturally available vegetables protein. It is a plant energizer, flowering stimulant and yield booster. It enhances the plant canopy and includes profuse flowering and thereby increase the yield. Mix in the ratio  of 2=3 ml of this solution in one liter of water … Continue reading Mastrogen



Improves photosynthesis and vegetative growth in plants
Increase flowering, fruits setting & toxin free
Compatible with all pesticides and fungicides.
Dilute 2-3ml of maxogen in a liter of water and spray specifically at per flowering, flowering and fruiting stages.



Maxolex available in a concentration of 16% humic it can be successfully applied in landscape and garden as well as for all agricultural and horticultural plants. Through alkaline extraction highly condensed concentrate of humic substance which content humic and numerous biologically active trace elements as humic acid complexes. Composition: Humic : 16% Dosage: Per tank … Continue reading MAXOLEX



Mode of action

When the Metagen spores of the fungus come into contact with the body of an insect host, they germinate, killing the insect within a matter of day afterwards, a white mold emerges from the cadaver and produces new spores. penetrate the cuticle and grow inside, after wards a white.

Recommended crops like:

Grapes, guava, sapota, citrus, mango, pomegranate, custard apple, coconut etc

Field crops:

Cotton, paddy, sorghum, sunflower, groundnut, potato, mustard, cumin, etc.

Vegetable crops:

Tomato, chilly, brinjal, onion, bhendi etc

Plantation crops:

Cardamom, tea, coffee, floriculture, home gardening, medical plants etc

,  grapes, betel vine, coffee, tea, vegetables and horticultural  crops.



Microlex is environmentally safe, increases crop yield, increases chlorophyll synthesis, healthier plants and improve yields, stimulates plant enzymes and hormones and improves crop health and can be applied for foliar application It is organically chelatednutrients with fulvic acid. the highlights are such the products include almost total absorption of products and enables all the minerals … Continue reading MICROLEX



N is a complete  N   fertilizer providing the essential nitrogen needed for growth of plants.

N helps in rapid induction of more roots to the plants.



Nemat off is a fungus, which has naturally evolved over time to attack nematodes and their eggs without being harmful to any plant species. Mode Of Action: The fungus by infecting, parasitizing and killing eggs, larvae and young adult of most nematode species, vegetables, fruit plant , pulses, oilseeds, ornamnetal plants, turmeric and banana etc … Continue reading NEMAT OFF