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Nemogen  is a fungus, which has naturally evolved over time to attack nematodes and their eggs without being harmful to any plant species.



Novagen is a bio organic nutritional product derived from fresh seaweed algae and vegetables source required for plant growth promotion and for higher yields. It promotes hormonal activity and induces their synthesis resulting into flowering and fruits setting. It also reduces the flower and fruit drop caused by hormonal imbalance.

Novagen is a combination of seaweed extract 10% , humic acid 6%, Amino acid 2% and fulvic acid 2% as well as trace minerals like Zn,Mn,Mg,Fe,etc…



Nutro force  is environmentally safe, increases crop yield, increased chlorophyll synthesis, healthier plants and improved yields stimulates plant enzymes and hormones and improves crop health and can be applied for foliar application.




P  can be soliloquize the phosphorous present in the soil and convert them into absorb able forms for plant.




Powerogen is derived by enzymatic hydrolysis process from vegetables and milk proteins.

Powerogen which has all vital amino necessary for plant to execute balance growth.



Pseudogen contains the bacteria pseudomonas, which is a bio control agent. These acts up on microbes like rhizoctonia and scheleroctinia which causes stem – rot and root – rot of plants. Leaf blight, leaf spots, other fungal diseases etc can be well controlled and prevented by using Pseudogen.

Cereals, fruits, pulses, vegetables, oilseeds, ornamental plants, turmeric & cotton etc are the plants in which Pseudogen is highly effective.



Qurogen provides to broad spectrum of viral strains. Stimulate the inhibition of all main stages in virus infection. The unique formula effectively manages leaf curl virus, yellow mosaic virus etc. on chillies, okra, tomato, papaya, cucurbits, cotton, species etc.



Disease vaccine created by Safogen herbal juice. Preventing disease and pest attack
It increases the growth of crops and increases the yield. Increases root and stem growth



Avoid using alkaline pesticides. It can be used with neutral or weak acidic pesticides. It is a broad spectrum product with no side effect even in higher doses.